Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green And Yellow

I love spring--the smells, the sights, the sounds. The world coming to life again after a winter of rest. And, most importantly, a new baseball season! But, as evidenced by June being the most popular wedding month, I am far from the only one who loves spring. I love spring weddings--how everything feels so fresh, new and exciting.
I can't think of a color combination that evokes spring more than simple green and yellow, which are reminiscent of new growth and sunshine. This inspiration board is dedicated to spring!

Row 1. Photo 1: Green bridesmaid dress from Aria Bridesmaids. Photo 2: White, yellow and green bouquet from The Knot. Photo 3: Lemon decor from The Knot. Photo 4: Citrus centerpiece and menu from Martha Stewart Weddings. Photo 5: Yellow boutonniere from The Knot. Photo 6: Yellow daisy wedding cake from Martha Stewart Weddings. Photo 7: Yellow table setting from Stonewall Golf Club.

Row 2. Photo 1: Antique canary diamond engagement ring from Encore Jewelry. Photo 2: Wedding dress from Ann Taylor. Photo 3: Green cocktail from The Prairie Table. Photo 4: Lemon and flower centerpieces from The Knot.

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