Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Citron And Blueberry

Kathryn, the creative genius behind snippet & ink, recently posted a citron and blackberry inspiration board. While I love that color scheme--lime green and deep purple--she didn't seem convinced it worked (though it was popular with her readers!).

I decided to give a citron and blueberry (rather than blackberry) board a try. The combination of the in-your-face lime green with classic navy tones the combo down a little bit, for those who are wary of too much bold color. Also, blue and green are neighbors on the color wheel, while purple and green are near opposites, so there is a little bit less contrast in the citron and blueberry combination.

Another take on the citron and blackberry combination is grass green and blackberry. This green and purple combo still has a lot of contrast, but the effect is calmer and more subtle when the green is made cooler and deeper. Check for my grass green and blackberry inspiration board tomorrow!

Row 1. Photo 1: Orchid bridal bouquet from The Knot. Photo 2: Programs with lime green ribbons from The Knot. Photo 3: Blueberries with syrah and black pepper syrup from Sunset Magazine. Photo 4: Blue silk tie from Beau Ties Ltd. Photo 5: Blue bridesmaid dress by Maggy London from Nordstrom.

Row 2. Photo 1: Blueberry cupcakes from Kate Parker Weddings. Photo 2: Green mum arrangement from Nicole Ha. Photo 3: Hydrangea arrangement photo from Stacy Kane. Photo 4: Calla lily boutonniere from WeddingChannel.com. Photo 5: Lime green slingbacks by Stuart Weitzman from Nordstrom.

Row 3. Photo 1: Paper crane from Kate Parker Weddings. Photo 2: Blueberry and floating candle centerpiece from Brides.com. Photo 3: Blue Citroen from Frogfurlong. Photo 4: Bridal hairstyle with flower from WeddingChannel.com.


Tracy said...

I was patiently waiting for your board after I saw your comment on snippet & ink's wall... and I'm yet to be disappointed! I really love this combination and it would definately be possible to use these tones with my cranberry as well! Looking forward to your board tomorrow.

P.S. - If you are looking for any board ideas my boyfriend had the idea of a concert themed reception after going to a couple of concerts this past week. I'm toying with the idea. My concert-themed I'm imagining something almost jazz like. I don't know...just thought I would send out a request if you are looking for ideas.

Wedding Inspirations said...

You're right, a lot of those elements would look great with the cranberry! In fact, you could use half blueberries and half cranberries to make similar centerpieces and incorporate both colors!

Thanks for the concert reception idea! I'm picturing a swanky, lively reception in a ballroom or something with live music, of course, and lots of martinis. I will add that to my list, so look for it in the future!

Tracy said...

I think we were imagining something more along the lines of a lounge feel. Live music, stage lights, candles at each small standing table, bar stools. I don't know but we did find an awesome idea for invitations. We found this place online that makes "ticket" invitations.

-K said...

I just spent the last several minutes perusing your inspiration boards- tons of great ideas and creative color combinations. I especially liked the aqua and cranberry one- fun, yet sophisticated. I'll be back!

Wedding Inspirations said...

Oh, I gotcha! Maybe I'll make the one I was thinking of into an Old Hollywood style wedding, and then do the lounge/concert one separately! I love the idea of invitations that look like tickets.

Wedding Inspirations said...

Thanks for visiting and for the compliments, K!

I think the aqua and cranberry is my favorite, too--I have found so many other great elements in those colors that I'm going to have to make a second aqua and cranberry board!