Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cranberry And Pistachio

Two of my favorite flavors are cranberry and pistachio. I was snacking on some Craisins and got to wondering what these two colors would look like together. Sadly, I don't think there is a muse of hunger! But I thought it would be a fun challenge to give a fresh, non-Christmas-y take on the pairing of red and green. So, here is an inspiration board inspired by snack food!

Incidentally, I am 100% in lust with the ruby and diamond earrings featured on this board. They are just stunning. (If you love to drool over vintage, estate and antique jewelry as much as I do, hurry over to Fay Cullen to get your fix!)

Row 1. Photo 1: Wedding cake from Fleur de Lisa. Photo: 2: Bridesmaid dress from Jenny Yoo. Photo 3: Boutonniere from The Knot. Photo 4: Rose and orchid bridal bouquet from Project Wedding.

Row 2: Photo 1: Invitation from Papel Vivo. Photo 2: Arrangement from Brides.com. Photo 3: Updo with orchids from Project Wedding. Photo 4: Pistachio green chair bow and tablecloth from The Knot.

Row 3. Photo 1: Favor boxes from Project Wedding. Photo 3: Orchid bridesmaid bouquet from The Knot. Diamond and ruby earrings from Fay Cullen.


Tracy said...

Oh You! Just when I think I should give up my color combo you give me more inspiration to stick to it! I love your BLOG!

Wedding Inspirations said...

Thanks so much, Tracy! I love this pairing--is this your color combo? Why were you thinking of giving up, and what combo were you thinking of switching to? Let me know if I can create a particular board to help you out in any way! :)

Tracy said...

Well... it's the combo that I've been really thinking about lately. With that I should confess that I am not exactly engaged...yet. I can easily confess that I am obsessed with wedding planning. I have planned aspects of 3 weddings over the last year. I love it! Anyway, my fav color is green and my bf's fav color is red. These shades allow us to share a vision, without it being Christmas-y. One reason I've been going against these colors is because it seems that so many reception venues in my area have so much navy in them. Because I don't think we will be able to afford chair covers for over 200 guests recently I have been thinking of switching to a royal blue and canary yellow. I am hesitant though because I don't feel the warmth of your board.
What do you think? About colors? Any alternative suggestions for chair covers?
P.S. I have left all the previous anonymous posts. I feel like I'm stalking your blog. But like I said previously. I love your serious originality! Keep it up and I'll keep commenting! Hehe!

Wedding Inspirations said...

No worries about not being engaged yet! I will keep doing inspiration boards after I am married--wedding planning is fun!

I actually think that navy would look quite nice with the combination of cranberry and pistachio--and a made a board to try to convey that to you! Navy is a neutral, after all. While royal and canary might be a more natural fit in a primarily navy room, I still think cranberry and pistachio could definitely work. And I agree that navy and canary lacks warmth. Adding some gold into the mix would bring warmth into the combo.

In a predominantly navy room, I would skip the chair covers entirely and use large cranberry and pistachio arrangements, but make the navy a cohesive part of the look by using it sparingly in the place settings (one or two navy items such as glasses, plates, favors, napkins, menus, etc.). That way you can tie the overall look together without having to pay extra for chair covers to try to cover up the navy. Just give it a background role, not the starring one!

Thanks for all the comments! It's nice to have someone reading my blog after only a few weeks--so stalk away! ;)

And thank you so much for the compliments on what I'm doing. I appreciate that you appreciate my efforts!