Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Hold For This Week

Hello, everyone!

Well, I got a surprise when I returned to work yesterday--a promotion! While I was in charge of five people before, I am now in charge of 30 and have a new title, expanded duties, a raise, the whole works. I'm excited about the possibilities but entirely too overwhelmed this week to devote any time to creating wedding inspiration boards, so Wedding Inspirations is on hold until June 23.

I will devote some time to making some this weekend that you all can enjoy next week! My apologies, but I will be back soon!

Thanks for all your support!


Tracy said...

Congrats! I've missed your post and look forward to your return!

-k said...

I was wondering what happened to you- now I know! Congratulations!

Wedding Inspirations said...

Thanks, ladies! I officially start my new role tomorrow--I think I managed to tie up all my loose ends last week, so I should be set! And I've got boards that are all ready to go and scheduled to post this week!

Tracy said...

Are you ever coming back? Sniff... Sniff